Our recent research has shown us that people have diverse needs around physical, mental and financial wellbeing and that they would like help from their employer in these areas. That’s where Me2 comes in.

Me2 spans our Me2 Community and Me2 web apps for members. We shine a spotlight on things that, even if you don’t know it, affect you everyday. Me2 helps you think more about your overall happiness and how you can get the best out of your job, your cash, your workplace benefits and more.

Add to this membership of our Me2 web apps and you’ll be able to plan and look after your pension savings, make the best use of your workplace benefits, take advantage of all of the support your employer offers you and even save money on everyday shopping or more special spending.


Our mantra is simple

Learn: more about our topics: ‘money matters’ work and play’ and ‘keep fit, keep happy’

Play: as a member, use our web apps to see how you can make best use of your workplace benefits and cash

Plan: use Me2 to put a plan in place and keep coming back to keep up to date and see if there is anything new

Award winning

We’ve won awards for our Me2 web apps and also our approach to helping employers help their employees. Now we’d like to go further and get more people involved via Me2 Community and our social media sites and make these award winning as well!