If you’re a foodie like me, you’ll always be thinking about your next meal; I’m talking about thinking about what you’re having for dinner whilst eating your meal deal at your desk over lunchtime.

The frustrating thing is how expensive food shopping seems to have become. This got me thinking about how we can save money on the food we love and how not to waste it:

    1. Write a shopping list and stick to it. If you have a list, you’re less likely to stray away to buy those unnecessary sweets and treats that you don’t really need, which brings me onto my next point;
    2. Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. If you’re hungry while walking up and down the aisles and something tasty catches you’re eye that you don’t need, then you’re more likely to buy it.
    3. Avoid ‘snack pack’ sizes. They work out more expensive and you actually get less. You’re just paying for the additional packaging.
    4. Buy in bulk the items you use most. Just make sure you get dry items with the longer shelf life.
    5. Cooked a little bit too much? Save the rest for lunch the next day in a plastic container or freeze it to save it for later.
    6. Buy fresh fruit and veg that isn’t pre-packaged. Not only will you be saving the environment, but you’ll be saving money too as it’s cheaper to buy loose items instead. Buy frozen veg as it will last longer and it is as good as the fresh stuff for overall nutritional value!
    7. Check the reduced aisle. The food in that section with the coloured sticker hasn’t gone off – the supermarkets just want to sell it before it does. If you know you won’t eat it straight away, freeze it for a later date!
    8. Buy supermarket own value brands. A lot of the time you’re paying for the fancy packaging but the actual content is the same. Why not try switching and see if there’s a difference in taste?
    9. Plan your meals. If you plan your meals in advance, you will only need to buy what you need rather than deciding on the day and spending more than you should.
    10. Use loyalty points. If the supermarket of your choice has a point’s scheme, don’t forget to swipe your card each time and you can watch the points grow and convert to vouchers you can use for a nice treat.