‘Twas the night before Christmas, and a time to reflect

On a year of big spending, but savings neglect.
The stockings were stuffed with all kinds of treats
From trinkets and baubles to delectable sweets.
The fam would be happy for Christmas Day present
But what of the future, and what of retirement?

With so much expense in everyday living
It’s tough to make plans for my future wellbeing –
With bills and my kids and a new loft extension
There isn’t much left to save more in my pension.
But just one percent could make some difference
And ease my reliance on State Pension assistance.

This year my bonus dissolved in a flash
On a weekend away and a cartload of trash.
Maybe next year I should stash it away
Into a pension for my future ‘one day’.
My Company pays in and so can I
Government tax relief will also apply.

It’s never too late to invest in yourself,
And start looking after your financial health.
Think not of the now and money misspent
Instead try to find that elusive percent.
You might suffer now a little resentment
But you’ll gift the ‘old you’ the best kind of present.