Do you sometimes feel like getting your head around financial planning and saving for the future is a bit of a challenge? Well, you’re not on your own! There are people just like you out there and we’re sharing their stories so you can benefit from their experiences.

Meet 21 year old Daniel…

Tell us about yourself Daniel

After the first year of University, I realised it wasn’t right for me so I left. I am now in my last year as an apprentice engineer, with a large company, learning on the job and enjoying the workplace environment. Luckily, I am still able to live at home so my monthly expenses are low.

Do you know if you’ve been enrolled into a company pension scheme yet?

My income is below the salary threshold, I haven’t been auto-enrolled in the company pension scheme just yet. But I recently attended a benefits’ seminar and now understand more about making contributions to a pension, the gain in tax relief and how much the company will pay in on my behalf. So, when I finish my training and with an increase in my pay, I can start making contributions to my pension.

Did you find it useful?

If I change jobs in the future, my pension contributions can be moved to a future employer’s pension or I can leave them where they are; either way, they will be a good start for saving towards my retirement.

What do you think you will do next?

Even though I have to wait to earn more in order to be auto-enrolled, I think I will start a general savings account with my bank anyway to help me with those rainy days I expect I will have in the future!

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