Have you really thought about what retirement looks like for you? Which aspects of your daily life do you currently take for granted that might have a significant impact on your wellbeing? And importantly, what plans do you need to put in place to make your dream retirement a reality . . ?

It’s worth remembering that you will still be the same you when you retire but with the added benefit of not having to go into work every day! You might be looking forward to the day when you hang up your work hat for good, but don’t under-estimate the positive effect that the old routine has had on you over the course of your working life.

Keeping in touch

You might be shocked to find that you miss aspects of your work routine! The security and familiarity of long-seated routines can be highly influential on mood and mental wellbeing. It’s worth considering how you are going to keep the variety of contact and experiences in your daily life to make sure you enjoy all the free time you suddenly have! Head over to Age UK for a wealth of information on hobbies, travel and activities local to you.


Missing your former colleagues? Some of our longest lasting friendships can be forged at work, so don’t be surprised if you feel lonely without daily contact with your work friends. Make time to keep in touch with your friends – you’ll benefit from a huge lift in mood even just going for a coffee and a chat.


Does retirement mean being at home with your partner all day, or on your own? People often describe having to get to know their partners all over again when they retire as they’ve never spent so much time together! It can be a challenging time for many in relationships, but incredibly isolating for those who suddenly find themselves at home on their own too. There is help out there for those who experience loneliness and isolation – take a look at the amazing community that Contact the Elderly has built around having a cuppa and a slice of cake!

Whatever retirement looks like for you personally, you can never save or plan for it too early. Me2 has a wealth of interactive tools, short videos and a comprehensive library to help you with planning for the future. Find out more about how Me2 can help you here.