For some, retirement might feel like the end of an era – a time to slow down and settle for a quieter way of life but with many of us living longer, healthier lives maintaining that full and busy lifestyle when we eventually stop working is fast becoming the norm.

It’s worth remembering that you will still be the same you when you retire but with the added benefit of not having to go into work every day!

Staying fit, healthy and active

While you’re working you might take for granted the ways in which you keep your mind and body active, but it’s important to really think about how to continue looking after yourself in retirement.

Does it take you fifteen minutes to walk to and from your workplace Monday to Friday? You probably don’t even think about it as ‘exercise’ but this daily walk helps to raise your heartrate and keep you physically mobile. NHS guidelines recommend that an adult over 65 who is generally fit and healthy should look to exercise for at least 150 minutes every week. This could equate to two thirty minute runs and 30 minutes of brisk walking, so consider how you could work those minutes into your weekly routine.

Is your current job physically demanding? You may be used to heavy lifting, walking or being on your feet all day and all of this activity benefits both your physical and mental wellbeing. Though you might be welcoming the chance to slow down a bit, you should try to make sure you have alternative plans in place to keep you fit and healthy. Age UK has some great tips on how to keep active and where to find exercise classes local to you.

Do you have a subsidised gym membership as part of your benefits and rewards package? Remember that your gym membership might cost you more when you retire so you may want to find an alternative or factor in the added cost.

Whatever retirement looks like for you personally, you can never save or plan for it too early. Me2 has a wealth of interactive tools, short videos and a comprehensive library to help you with planning for the future. Find out more about how Me2 can help you here.