Need some savvy suggestions to stretch those pounds this Christmas?

We share some tips and tricks to help make sure you don’t get burnt in the run up to the festive season.

  • Looking for a discount code? Try registering with an online retailer, add some items to your basket and then abandon it! Simply close the window with the items still in your basket and then wait to see if a discount code or money off voucher drops into your in-box. It doesn’t always work, but it’s definitely worth a shot!
  • Thinking of buying a gift card? This is a tricky one as people often prefer to give vouchers rather than hard cash, but remember – if the firm goes bust, the vouchers could be worthless . . .
  • Save your reward vouchers or points. We all get those reward vouchers through the door from our favourite supermarkets, and these often have a long ‘shelf-life’. Why not save them up well in advance of Christmas and use them to buy gifts or towards your festive food shop?
  • Got any unused gift cards? Sometimes we get gift cards for stores we don’t ordinarily shop in, so instead of buying enough packs of socks for the year, spend them savvily on gifts for others.
  • Have some unwanted gifts from last Christmas? You might feel a bit uncomfortable with the idea of re-gifting, but think about it as a positive act of recycling in the battle against unsustainability. Just remember not to re-gift it to the person who gave it to you in the first place . . .